Fees & Effort

In general, Architects charge in different ways i.e. as a percentage of the total construction cost or as a fixed fee with a
stipulated sum or as a reflection of the number of hours needed to do the work. Our professional Fees will be directly propotional to the amount of work and Project deliverables.

Licensed Architects

As we are registered licensed architects from Council of Architects, we charge by the norms set by Council of Architects.

Fees/ Sq.ft of Build Up Area

We charge on Rate per sq.ft basis of your total built-up Area. It is independent of your total building cost or your material specifications. (using of Burma teak wood door or normal flush door will not affect our fees.) We will work on the total fees structure right at the begining of any project.

Split Payment Mode

The total fees is split into different construction stages (i.e., Foundation Level , Ground Floor Level, First Floor Level)
again as mentioned by COA .This is to ensure that we give our deliverables and get the fees.

Varied Scope & Work

Depending on the scope of work, i.e.,
1.only Architecture Design
2.Architecture Design + Landscape Design
3.Interior Design + Architecture
4.Master planning + Landscape
the professional fees may vary.
For Small projects we work with
fixed fees also.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

At DLEA we don’t charge for revisions. We work for the User’s Satisfaction. Based on the client’s and site requirements,
we take up projects which have limited scope such as:
1.Only Elevation Design
2.Concept and Schematic Designs
3.Furniture and Product Design
4.Art Installations etc.,

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